Through out lockdown, I found a new love of being outside.  There's nothing like being forced to stay indoors to make you yearn for the outdoors!


I'm incredibly lucky to live within walking distance of the beach, harbour, beautiful parks and green spaces and over the last few months I've discovered so many new wonderful places.


One thing I like to do when I'm out is mindful walking.  This is the process of being totaolly present in the moment, connecting with your surroundings.  For me, I do this by engaging each of the senses for 5 minutes each.  We'll start with the easiest one:




I'm guessing you don't walk around with your eyes closed but being mindful of sight allows for a different experience.  Try choosing a colour and really focus on the different hues you can see.  You don't have to stick with just one, why not work your way through the rainbow




I love listening to the sounds of nature.  From the gentle rushling of the trees to the sound of the birds singing, when you truly listen, there is so much hear 




There a loads of textures around us when we're out and about walking.  Feel the roughness of the bark on the trees on a woodland walk, the coarseness of the sand on the beach.  There is also the feeling of the weather, the warmth of the sun or the rain on your face.  




This is one of the most powerful memory prompter of our all senses.  Try to notice the different smells. Can you identify them?




This is the tricky one as I'm not going to advocate you start popping berries or mushrooms in your mouth - that's a sure fire way to end up in the emergency room!  Instead try stopping and taking some slow, deep breathes in trough you mouth.  Taste the dew from the air, the salt if you're near the sea.  You'll be amazed at what you can taste from just breathing!